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Why is this a great resource?

"We LOVE our new DLI!  The pace is thoughtful and rigorous for our first graders.  The instruction allows for gradual release with major impact. We haven’t seen anything better to help with language instruction.”

1st grade team, Woodglen Elementary


"Our second grade team loves, loves, loves this DLI! It hits so many skills and is grade-level appropriate. It is a quick and easy way to incorporate daily skills. We love how it spirals and reinforces previous concepts. The new strand on complete sentences is an exciting addition to this already wonderful program."

C. Jacquinot- 2nd grade teacher, Traut Elementary


"I have enjoyed using the 3rd and 4th grade Daily Language Instruction programs this year with my combo class.  My Reading STAR grades are all in the proficient to high range!  

The ability to project the daily practice on my Smart Board greatly helps in managing two classes at the same time.  The scope and sequence coordinates so that my third graders who listen in while I'm teaching the fourth graders get a deeper exposure to the weekly skills.  Each skill is covered thoroughly Monday to Thursday and by Friday my students are able to pass both the grammar and spelling tests with flying colors.  

Daily Language Instruction is the best program I have used for grammar and spelling instruction." 

S. Scudder- 3/4 grade teacher, Amity Elementary


"Wonderful writing and grammar continue to come from your product! 
DLI is the foundation of my writing 6th grade program. The weekly lessons align with our state's standards and provide a common sense scope and sequence that builds one upon another. The spiral format provides an opportunity for students to practice and teachers to assess and re-teach.

Although the DLI program is a Five Day lesson set, it is easily fashioned to fit the four day week, too! I always begin the week with the mini lesson. This sets the stage for the week and gives me an opportunity to quickly assess the needs of my students. I usually couple Day 1 with this lesson so the students have an opportunity to "try on" the new skill. I never give a grade on Day 1 activities as this is our first try.

 My goal is to provide structured practice with the lesson on Day 2-4 on Tuesday and Wednesday. Sometimes I see that the students move quickly from I Do - right through We Do and are ready for You Do. These weeks I might just provide Day 2 and 4 for independent practice. Other skills require more time, more help, and re-teaching. This, of course, changes from class to class and year to year.  Day 5 is assessment day. Students get the opportunity to show what they know. I use this as a weekly grade. The important thing, though, is that the DLI program provides all of the evidence-based structure!"

D. Kissler-NBCT 6th Grade English, East Grand Middle School


"Thank you for your well thought out curriculum. I am currently using the 6th grade materials for my language arts classes. One of the most valuable features of this curriculum is that it continues to reinforce concepts week after week. I find that as I'm grading an assessment, I might notice that students are struggling with something. I try to make a mental note that I need to re-teach that particular item. Then, as I am planning for the next week or two, there is the exact problem area revisited in the daily practice. The re-teaching will be a snap for me to work into our busy schedule... I thank your authors for understanding student learning and knowing to continue to offer teachable moments for some of the most challenging grammar errors. In other curriculum I would have taught the concept and moved on; some students would never have gotten another opportunity to fully learn the concept. So thank you once more for your thoughtfully created materials. They are making my teaching more effective."

J. Nelson- 6th Grade Language Arts, Milliken Middle School


"First Grade Daily Language Instruction is a student's first introduction to many written language skills. The children love the poems, songs, and activities that help them learn, remember, and apply new concepts and skills. The DLI format is kid friendly and encourages success for every student. It's truly a wonderful resource!"

C. Long, Walnut Hills Elementary- Grade 1


"Thank you for the DLI curriculum! As a parent, I've been searching for a way to encourage my son's language skill development. DLI is a fabulous tool that complements his learning. We use the DLI lessons as a way to re-enforce the skills he learns in class. DLI has helped him feel more comfortable with the English language. It's a well-thought-out program. We are so grateful this resource is available."

Heidi P- Parent of a Third Grader


"I’ve recently begun using DLI with my 5th grade classroom, and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with your materials!  DLI is written in such a user-friendly manner, both for teachers and students alike. I especially like that each week focuses on a particular thread and that the following week, in turn, picks up the next thread and weaves it with the last. This is such a wonderful way to build skills while reviewing what we’ve learned so far. What a beautiful fabric we’re creating! I also like the student reference pages, which my students keep in their writing notebooks. The activities that you present along the way are engaging and so easy and fun to do. I only wish I had discovered your materials years ago!! I’ve now ordered your materials for my daughter, a first year teacher in Washington."

P. Wick, Traut Core Knowledge Elementary, Grade 5


"My 5th grade students recently wrote short stories during writing workshop, and I was so excited to see the transfer of skills learned from Daily Language Instruction into their authentic writing.  The ability for students to punctuate dialogue correctly and to start a new paragraph for each speaker improved the overall quality and readability of their work."

L. Farzam, Hunters Glen, Grade 5

"Having this component of the Six Traits already organized, sequenced, formatted, and "assessment-ready" gives me more time to devote to real writing."

K. Strauss, Warder Elementary, Grade 4

“The weekly assessment really helps me to know right away if someone needs some extra help. If I had to make up the assessments, I know I would not do them nearly as often. I just don’t have time to write curriculum and teach, too. Thank you!”

M. Kitzer, Fulton Elementary, Grade 3

"I have been thoroughly impressed with the [DLI] program and my students' improvement throughout the year with language skills. Last year was our district's first year implementing it as a whole, and I saw great results and improvement in their writing skills. This year I lined up our language interactive notebook along with each week."

K. Schopp, Prairie Central School District, Grade 3


“One of the features the teachers most appreciate is the opportunity for students to practice interpreting the directions for each task. Very often students actually know the content, but miss test items because they do not fully comprehend what is being asked.”

S. Daniels, Principal- Harris Park Elementary

“ DLI has really helped me to relax about mastery. I tend to get uptight if all of my students don’t get a skill after a week of instruction. Now, I know that the skill we are working on will be included again and again. Some of my students, especially those who are younger and not as mature, just need more time and exposure.”

P. Betty, Laredo Elementary, Grade 3

“A new-to-our-building fifth grade teacher brought DLI with her. She showed one co-worker, who then wanted DLI too, and it spread from teacher to teacher in just one year. Now we utilize DLI for 2nd-5th grades. The classroom teachers are very positive about it and our test scores have climbed.”

Kid comments- collected by K. Whitcomb, Literacy Coach:

5th grade boy: “I like how it reviews all the different stuff. Instead of forgetting it you like remember it for the tests.”

5th grade girl: “I learned that I have to take a second look sometimes.”

Gifted 4th grade boy: “I think it’s pretty fun and it gives me a nice challenge. I am now better at capitalizing and spelling…and commas.”

K. Whitcomb, Literacy Coach
Howbert Elementary


"Daily Language Instruction has been an excellent supplement to our first grade program. The easy to follow format leaves students feeling successful. They are actively engaged in the mini lessons and daily activities. Students also enjoy learning the songs and are often singing them throughout the day. Skills learned in the DLI lessons carry over into reading and writing lessons."

J. Fukuhara, Walnut Hills Elementary, Grade 1

“ I especially like how it focuses on one skill for a whole week. I am seeing transfer to their writing and other test-taking.”

S. Lapioli, Grade 2, Howbert Elementary

“It’s quick, it’s easy and the results are not only seen in my kids' writing, but in their test scores as well!"

W. Meehan, Grade 5, Red Hawk Ridge Elementary

“I love the book, but you know what I really love are the spelling lists at the back of the book that correlate and I don’t have to go looking for words. I love that.”

C. Tatum, Grade 5, Howbert Elementary

“Daily Language Instruction is great for proofreading practice and for “slowing down” my students as they proofread.”

C. Hester, Grade 6,Stone Creek Charter School

"Thank you for my new DLI. I really appreciate all that you have done for our kids through the DLI series. A stellar job!"

D. Winkler, Special Education, Cherry Valley Elementary

“I am very pleased with it. We kept searching for things that were better. They (students) don’t learn it (a skill) just in one format. It is one of the better things I’ve used in 20 years for test-preparation. You can tell it was written by someone who knew what we needed.”

M. Bueter, Grade 3, Howbert Elementary

"DLI helps my first graders start their day independently. The skills taught in DLI are first grade standards-based skills and support reading and writing strategies taught during the year."

D. Colussy, Walnut Hills Elementary-Grade 1

"We are absolutely your new DLI cheerleaders! Our kids are learning well, and we are loving the structure of the program."

L. Miller- Grade 6, Shawnee Middle School

“ I have used DLI for the past 5 years with 2nd, 3rd, and most recently 6th grade students.  I think it’s a great way to teach grammar and new concepts.  I recently moved to the US Virgin Islands and my students and parents are learning so much about the English language that they didn’t know before.  I have had many “ah-ha” moments this year.  I can’t wait to use the DLI  CD with my Promethean board. What a great way to go green and learn at the same time.” 

S. Hatch-Grade 6, Antilles School



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