Grade 6

"We are absolutely your new DLI cheerleaders! Our kids are learning well, and we are loving the structure of the program."

L. Miller, Grade 6 English, Shawnee Middle School


"Thank you for your well thought out curriculum. I am currently using the 6th grade materials for my language arts classes. One of the most valuable features of this curriculum is that it continues to reinforce concepts week after week. I find that as I'm grading an assessment, I might notice that students are struggling with something. I try to make a mental note that I need to re-teach that particular item. Then, as I am planning for the next week or two, there is the exact problem area revisited in the daily practice. The re-teaching will be a snap for me to work into our busy schedule... I thank your authors for understanding student learning and knowing to continue to offer teachable moments for some of the most challenging grammar errors. In other curriculum I would have taught the concept and moved on; some students would never have gotten another opportunity to fully learn the concept. So thank you once more for your thoughtfully created materials. They are making my teaching more effective."

J. Nelson- Grade 6 Language Arts, Milliken Middle School


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Daily Language Instruction

DLI for Grade 6 is a focused, stand-alone resource that specifically addresses writing conventions: capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and usage.
DLI knits all of the elements of the learning cycle into one cohesive resource and supports your instruction from start to finish.
DLI provides strong support to address the increased rigor in your district and state standards, including the Common Core State Standards.


DLI offers five distinct advantages when compared to other language resources:

1. DLI focuses on one new skill each week.
2. It includes mini-lesson strategies that make it a snap for you to introduce the new skill.
3. It offers short, daily practice which allows you to build the new skill as well as spiraling review.
4. DLI includes a weekly assessment with a format that mirrors formal assessments to support your test preparation.
5. It includes pre-post assessments at six-week intervals to support intervention and celebration.


DLI is quick and effective.

Plan 5-10 minutes a day to complete the daily practice Monday-Thursday. 
On Day Five, the assessment and mini-lesson to introduce the new focus skill require 30-45 minutes.

DLI is the perfect complement to Writing Workshop.

The quick DLI tasks allow you to keep authentic writing center stage. 
DLI plays a vital role in supporting your writing conferences. The 5-10 minutes you spend each day on DLI is a great investment in scaffolding your students' time in conference with you or serves as an effective follow-up. DLI student reference pages summarize key concepts and are perfect for your students to glue into their writers' notebooks for reference.



Grade 6 Book




32 weeks of mini-lessons to launch the skill instruction
32 weeks of daily tasks to support skill development
32 weeks of correlated spelling lists
Pre-post assessments at six-week intervals


The Grade 6 Book-658 spiral bound pages



of the teacher’s edition is dedicated to supporting YOU in implementing the curriculum.  These copyrighted teacher resource sections create the ENGINE that powers the DLI program; they are not reproducible.


of the teacher’s edition is dedicated to student practice tasks, weekly and pre-post assessments, and spelling lists.  Student items have LIMITED reproduction rights for one classroom.

Click on the links below to download the following documents.

Week 1 Sample

Product Details
Week 15 Mini-Lesson Sample
Week 15 Mini-Lesson for Students
Scope and Sequence
Week 15 Sample Table of Contents
Week 26 Student Reference Page I Spelling Sample
Week 26 Student Reference Page II
How Much Time Does DLI Require?
Week 26 Sample
Grades 1-6 Scope and Sequence
New! Pre-Post Assessment Weeks 1-6 DLI Overview
State Assessment Data What you need to know about DLI

Grade 6-DLI Educator Bundle (DLI Book + DLI Smartboard CD)

Enhance your instruction by adding a CD to your DLI book.
Project daily tasks on any interactive whiteboard or use the CD with an LCD projector.

Included: the CD correlates with the print edition. It includes all Day One to Day Four student practice tasks in pdf format.
Not included: teacher resource sections (mini-lessons), assessments, keys, and spelling are not included; they are all available in your DLI book.
Copyright: The single-use license allows the CD to be installed on one computer. Files on the CD may not be uploaded to teacher or school websites or transmitted via the Internet.  CDs are not sold separately.

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