Grade 1

"We LOVE our new DLI!  The pace is thoughtful and rigorous for our first graders.  The instruction allows for gradual release with major impact. We haven’t seen anything better to help with language instruction.”

1st grade team, Woodglen Elementary

With more rigor throughout, the new 2018 Grade 1 DLI edition is a must-have resource!

Features of the NEW Grade 1 edition

New skills strengthen the alignment to the CCSS:
*commas for single words in a series
*matching simple nouns and verbs in sentences

Enhanced skills offer more depth and rigor to these areas:
*questions are introduced eight weeks earlier to match your students’ use of questions in their writing and to offer more
 variety in student items
*more rigorous treatment for recognizing nouns and verbs and more sustained emphasis
*more rigorous treatment of past tense verbs including identification of context clues

In response to the advice of our first grade experts:

*They said: ”The first of the year is spot on, but the second half should be more rigorous and have longer sentences.”
The NEW edition features longer sentences at mid-year. These sentences serve as models for the kind of writing you are encouraging at this point in the year. The format shifts to a smaller font and two sets of narrower lines below.
*They asked: “Could you increase the pacing on the color and number words? It helps our students if we introduce both the color and number words by mid-year.” 
The NEW edition introduces one color word AND one number word each week and wraps that instruction up by week 16,ten weeks earlier.

*They said: “We like that fact that you feature a family in the beginning of the book, and it limits the names in student items, but the family lacks diversity; so many of our students’ families are non-traditional.
The NEW edition features the Sotos, a family with mixed ethnicity, an adopted Chinese daughter, and a live-in grandparent.

*They said: “You introduce capitalizing and punctuating dates, but the dates used for student items in the current edition are “out-dated.”
The NEW edition features a different format for dates allowing students to customize most items to the current year. (check it out on the Snapshot Sample)

*They said: “Our students need more exposure to antonyms and synonyms.  Is there any way to include them?
The NEW edition features weeks with both antonyms and synonyms in the Following Directions Box starting mid-year.

What else is new?
*Between Weeks 12 and 15, the NEW edition features a student-friendly introduction to the use of three proofreading marks.  Using them to mark missing capitals and end marks beginning at Week 12 and commas beginning at Week 15 on the DLI student items, provides a gentle way to develop this as a practice that students can transfer to editing their own writing.  Our Grade 1 pilot teachers have given this a “green light,” and they say that this has the potential to help their students to better apply what they have learned since they often run out of steam on the editing step. (Download the Week 12 sample to view their introduction.)

*New topics treated in the Following Directions Box include the following: adjectives, prepositions/position words (under, between, above), ordinal words (first, second, third), shapes, and right/left.

product top


Daily Language Instruction

DLI for Grade 1 is a focused, stand-alone resource that specifically addresses writing conventions: capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and usage.
DLI knits all of the elements of the learning cycle into one cohesive resource and supports your instruction from start to finish.
DLI provides strong support to address the increased rigor in your district and state standards, including the Common Core State Standards.



Daily Language Instruction (DLI) offers five distinct advantages when compared to other language resources:

1. DLI focuses on one new skill each week.
2. It includes mini-lesson strategies that make it a snap for you to introduce the new skill.
3. It offers short, daily practice which allows you to build the new skill as well as spiraling review.
4. DLI includes an optional weekly assessment (Day 5) with a format that mirrors formal assessments to support your test preparation.
5. It includes pre-post assessments at one-two week intervals to support intervention and celebration.



DLI is quick and effective.

Plan 5-10 minutes a day to complete the daily practice Monday-Friday. 

DLI is age-appropriate and is the perfect complement to Writing Workshop.

The quick DLI tasks allow you to keep authentic writing center stage. 
DLI supports your young writers and helps them to use the conventions of print that make their texts accessible to their readers. 




Grade 1 Book


30 weeks of mini-lessons to launch the skill instruction
30 weeks of daily tasks to support skill development and review
30 weeks of Day Five assessments
30 weeks of correlated spelling lists
30 weeks of keys to student items
Pre-post assessments at one-two week intervals

1st gr
The Grade 1 Book-spiral bound~610 pages



of the teacher’s edition is dedicated to supporting YOU in implementing the curriculum.  These copyrighted teacher resource sections create the ENGINE that powers the DLI program; they are not reproducible.


of the teacher’s edition is dedicated to student practice tasks, weekly and pre-post assessments, and spelling lists.  Student items have LIMITED reproduction rights for one classroom.

Click on the links below to download the following documents.


Chart- Grade 1 Weekly Focus Skills
DLI Program Overview
Snapshots- One Day Each of 10 Weeks
Grade 1 Scope and Sequence
DLI- Grades 1-6 Scope and Sequence
Week 8 Sample
Week 12 Sample
What You Need to Know About DLI
Week 22 Sample
Research and Development of DLI
Grade 1 Product Details
Pre-Post Assessment Weeks 7-8 Table of Contents
Spelling Sample Weeks 5-6 (Zaner-Bloser)  
Spelling Sample Weeks 5-6 (D'Nealian) State Assessment Data
Spelling Sample Week 18 (Zaner-Bloser)  

Bound as one edition, Grade 1 DLI includes two separate sets of materials:
Zaner-Bloser and D'Nealian.

1st gr cd

Grade 1-DLI Educator Bundle (DLI Book + DLI Smartboard CD)


Enhance your instruction by adding a CD to your DLI book.
Project daily tasks on any interactive whiteboard or use the CD with an LCD projector.
Post the PDF documents on the CD to secure platforms like Google Classroom.
(See details below.)

**No CD slot on your school laptop? Consider these workarounds.
Ask your tech support person to transfer the PDF files to your laptop or check out an external CD/DVD drive from your school so that you can transfer the files.


Included: the CD correlates with the print edition. It includes all Day One to Day Five student practice tasks in pdf format.

Not included: teacher resource sections (mini-lessons),pre-post assessments, keys, and spelling are not included; they are all available in your DLI book.

Copyright:: The single-use license allows the CD to be installed on one computer. Files on the CD may not be uploaded to teacher or school websites or transmitted via the internet. NOTE: Files on the CD may be posted digitally for online access by your students in a platform such as Google Classroom, but ONLY if access is fully secured. This access must be limited to the teacher's own students and not be accessible to other teachers and/or students.
To puchase a CD: CDs may be purchased ONLY in conjunction with the purchase of a book.
Click here for Smartboard CDs FAQs.

CDs may be ADDED to previous book purchases. Call us at 303.697.4001 to complete this transaction.
Click here for Smartboard CD information.


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