Daily Language Instruction

DLI is a focused, stand-alone resource for elementary students that specifically targets writing conventions: capitalization, punctuation, grammar, and usage.

It provides strong support for the rigor in your district and state standards including the Common Core State Standards and is unmatched as an English Language Arts resource.


DLI offers five distinct advantages when compared to other language resources:

1. DLI focuses on one new skill each week.
2. It includes mini-lesson strategies that make it a snap for you to introduce the new skill.
3. It offers short, daily practice which allows you to build the new skill as well as spiraling review.
4. DLI includes a weekly assessment with a format that mirrors formal assessments to support your test preparation.
5. It includes pre-post assessments at six-week intervals to support intervention and celebration.

DLI is currently available for grades 1-6. This resource can make instruction in the area of writing conventions seamless at your school. We invite you to explore our website and learn what DLI can do for you.


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